Is L.L. Foster a pseudonym for Lori Foster?
L.L. is actually Lori Foster's initials, used for her darker stories.

Are the L.L. Foster books romances?
Yes. L.L.'s 2nd "Servant" book, Servant: The Acceptance, was named Amazon's #1 editors' pick in romance. However, the romance of the story is not always the focal point.

Are the stories graphic in nature?
Yes, in all ways. They're very graphic with the violence, because violence plays a large role in the lives of the lead characters as they protect innocents. Also, with the romantic threads within the stories, the sexuality is graphic ala a typical Lori Foster romance.

Are the L.L. Foster books paranormal?
There are no vampires, werewolves or other creatures of Lore. However, human characters in the book possess specialized abilities. In the Servant series, the lead character, Gaby, is a paladin with the ability to see true evil even when it's well hidden behind a kind demeanor. She also has great physical ability when acting in the role of paladin. In another series (launching in August 09) all the males in the Jardine family possess the ability to manipulate the emotions of others.

How many books are in the Servant series?
Lori aka L.L. had originally planned up to 5 books, but the 3rd book, Servant: The Kindred, will bring about a natural conclusion to the storyline, especially between Gaby (the female lead, a paladin) and Luther (the male lead, a cop) and their romance.

How many L.L. books can we expect a year?
As of right now, one single title "dark, paranormal urban fantasy" release is planned per year.

Is Lori planning to leave behind straight contemporary romance?
No! Lori will be juggling her light, sexy romances, with her dark urban fantasies, and should always have at least one, if not more, single title contemporary romances a year.