The Acceptance

August 26, 2008

Servant: The Acceptance

Gabrielle Cody has accepted her destiny as one of God’s warriors, charged to destroy evil. When surrounded by violence, she must be ready for anything, but Gaby wasn’t prepared to see Detective Luther Cross ever again. He’s the beacon of reality in her life, the one thing that makes her feel human, like a real woman.

But Gaby can’t get caught up with Luther now. She has work to do, this time protecting the street walkers. But Luther gives her purpose, something more than just working at God’s whim.

Yet her life of retribution is far too dangerous even for Luther, and this time, it’s not just their hearts that won’t come out unscathed.

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ISBN: 9780515145328

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Servant: The AcceptanceBoredom was her newest enemy, and since running off from Luther – make that Detective Luther Cross - she’d been bored more than not.

Until now, she hadn’t realized how much... excitement he’d brought to her life. You’d think a paladin would have her hands full enough that a nosy cop bent on seduction would have been mostly annoyance, perhaps even a threat.

Instead, he’d been fucking wonderful. The most wonderful thing to ever happen in her miserable, cursed life.

Shit. Gaby walked along the broken concrete walkway in front of the aged, blackened building until that bored her too, then she leaned back against the rough brick, trying to ease her mind, her body.

Her soul.

Hanging out with hookers was a distraction, but it just didn’t fill the space the way he had.

She needed something to happen, anything, to keep her from... whoa.

Just then, her instinct kicked and she felt the presence of evil, in her bones, in her guts.
Her throat burned, she looked up – and she saw him.

A kid.

Clean cut and unafraid.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

The defenses screaming silently throughout her body said that he was the wrong person, in the wrong place – and there could be nothing right about his presence here tonight. Pickled with immorality, riddled with bore holes of depravity, his swart aura clung to him like a wet cloak.

He sickened Gaby.

He challenged her.

And it didn’t matter to her if he was ten or fifty.

Evil was evil.

Tonight, her boredom would end.


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Servant: The Acceptance



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Urban Fantasy
Servant: The Acceptance
L.L. Foster
Foster delivers another chilling installment in the Servant saga. Her latest villain is likely to give readers nightmares; but in this series offering there is a clear focus on Gabby and Luther’s fight against the odds to build
a relationship of trust. This tale definitely reminds readers that trusts a two-way street!

SUMMARY: There’s a new evil in town. This one has unwittingly become the target of Gabby by torturing and killing the prostitutes who Gabby has sworn to protect. It should be an easy case, but Gabby’s superhero senses are
changing as she makes real friends. Now, when it’s most important that she be divine, she is forced to question if she will be able to have both friendship and a higher calling. (BERKLEY, Sep. 2008)

Reviewed by Whitney Kate Sullivan
, Romantic Times BOOKReviews

Servant: The AcceptanceServant: The Acceptance – L.L. Foster
The Servant Series
, Book 2
ISBN:  978-0-515-14532-8
September 2008
Paranormal Romance

Present Day

Found.  After the circumstances that left her friend Morty dead, Gabrielle Cody disappeared from her previous life and Luther Cross, the cop who seemed to hold some affection for her.  Too many questions without palatable answers would probably have seen Gaby arrested, and, to assuage her ‘calling’, that’s something she must avoid at all costs.  But somehow, Luther has found her again, and he is angry.

When Gaby disappeared so many months ago, Luther was frightened and disappointed that she took off.  Strange though she is, he is inexplicably drawn to her.  So when a pimp talks to him about a woman protecting the whores and nearly killing him, Luther knows he’s located Gaby.  But finding her and keeping her are two different things.  It seems that during her sojourn with the prostitutes, Gaby has learned a thing or two.  She’s still as innocent physically, but her brash honesty remains, and Luther is her primary means for getting her sexual questions answered.  A couple minutes with her always leaves him hot and bothered.

But being with Gaby means accepting her idiosyncrasies and differences.  Luther is still learning who she is and knows that if he doesn’t want her to take off again, understanding needs to be at the top of his mind.  Of course, evil doesn’t rest, and Gaby is 'called' again.  Before they know it, she and Luther are in a fight to save the prostitutes and, soon, themselves.  Luther knows the only way he can try to keep her safe is to keep her close.  Rejected all of her life, Gaby wants to avoid that at all costs because she believes that the more Luther learns about her, the less inclined he’ll be to want anything to do with her.  Can these two navigate the murky water of mystery and romance and come out the other side?

Servant: The Acceptance is about exactly that, acceptance.  Luther will need to accept the truth about Gaby if he is to ever have her in his life as he wishes.  Gaby needs to learn to accept the help of the people in her life if she expects to survive.  As gritty, funny, and captivating as the first tale, THE ACCEPTANCE starts out on a high note and keeps going up from there.  Gaby is as insouciant as always, determined to do her own thing.  Luther continues to be thrilled and horrified by Gaby, though he’s realized that it’s her unconventionality that attracts him.  Returning to add background to the story are Gaby’s friend Morty Bliss, a hooker, and Luther’s partner Ann.  All of the characters are growing and evolving, mostly as foils to Gaby and Luther.

An intellectual extravaganza, Servant: The Acceptance will raise your vocabulary level even as it tickles your funny bone.  I highly recommend this wonderful series and heartily suggest you read the books in order to enjoy the series to its fullest.

Kathy Samuels
Romance Reviews Today


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Gabrielle Cody accepts her destiny as God's warrior. She must destroy all true evil as God dictates. Violence surrounds Gaby in her daily life and she is always ready for anything, except seeing Detective Luthor Cross up close and personal once again. Luthor is the one man who makes Gaby feel truly connected to humanity and in touch with her femininity. He makes her feel things that a warrior for God should not feel, like love.

Luthor Cross is not sure whether he trusts this enigma named Gabrielle Cody. She stirs his libido and challenges his mind. Her secrets keep him guessing about who Gaby really is underneath her tough, street wise exterior. However, her natural innocence draws him as no other woma ever has. Luthor’s attempts to protect Gaby from the evils o fthe world, as well as from Gaby herself, meet with resistance, leaving him frustrated and worried for her safety.

Gaby has work to do and she knows that an honest cop like Luthor will just get in her way. She resists his attempts to start a relationship, even though Luthor gives her life more of a purpose than just slaying evil at God’s whim. Gaby finds herself in danger when a malevolent person starts murdering the prostitutes that are under her protection.  It appears that the murderer has targeted Luthor, as well as Gaby and the prostitutes. Can Gaby discover the identity of the killer before anyone else dies? How will she keep Luthor safe when the murderer sets his sights on the cop? Ultimately, is it her life or her heart that Gaby is most in danger of losing?

Servant: The Acceptance is book two in the Servant series by L. L.Foster. This addition to Gaby’s story is excellent in both plot and characterization. Foster’s innate talent shines brightly in this dark paranormal tale. I fell in love with both Gaby and Luthor in the first book, Servant: The Awakening, and must say that my love affair with these two characters continues throughout this amazing second book. Luthor is a truly good, honest man with an open, giving heart. Gaby is a woman who faces the worst that humanity has to offer each day, yet still protects those less fortunate and weaker than herself. In a sense, Gaby is an avenging angel, but often thinks of herself as a monster. The plot of Servant: The Acceptance will leave you guessing about the true identity of the killer until the very end. The Acceptance can be read as a stand-alone book. However, I urge you to read the first book, The Awakening, in order to fully understand the nuances of these complex characters. Do not miss Servant: The Acceptance! This no holds barred book will keep you turning the pages long into the night. I had to see how everything turned out for Luthor and Gaby and could not put it down until I had read the last word!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Robin Snodgrass

Servant: The Acceptance is the second book in the Servant series by L.L. Foster. I don’t know how I missed the first book in this exciting new series but after reading this book, I’ve placed my order for the first book and put the series on auto buy.

Gaby is an intriguing, multifaceted heroine that keeps you guessing and holds you spellbound. Luther is a strong, traditional man so it’s easy to see why he insists on protecting Gaby even though she doesn’t need the type of physical protecting that he thinks she needs.

Servant: The Acceptance is a dark and edgy book with brave and intelligent characters that will have you demanding more!

Reviewed by: Tammy, 5 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews




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